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Are backpacks good for travel

Most travellers use backpacks for travel due to their mobility, lightweight and capacity. Wearing a backpack during your travel voyage will simply your destination. Are backpacks good for travel this a common question among new travellers.

Using backpacks for travel is a very convenient option for any type of traveller.

Having a backpack is good, but learning the art of organizing your backpack like a pro traveller will make your journey more comfortable. In this article, we will discuss every aspect of backpacks, and why backpacks are good for travel.

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are backpacks good for travel

Is it OK to travel with a backpack?

In my context, a backpack is the best option because it is lighter than a suitcase. Along with that, you can stuff more items in a backpack as compared to a suitcase or any other bag, and one more thing it will save your airline weight limit as well.

Backpacks are good for travel because it has multiple uses, you can use backpacks without disturbing your hands because both hands are free to carry extra gear or I can say you can hold anything in your hand like cellphones, drinks, coffee etc. Which I feel is very crucial.

The best part about using a backpack for me is you can easily carry it for hikes or even when you are on a walk and tour. The most important benefit of the quality backpack is it distributes the weight over your shoulder, back, and hips if the things are well stuffed and also leads to walking safely without disturbance.

Are backpacks good for travel or suitcase is the best option?

Yes! But it depends on the style of destination you choose because both (backpack and suitcase) have different uses. If you are on a business trip then a suitcase is a good option you can organise your suits or dresses in a suitcase without losing the iron of your clothes, but on a business trip a person doesn’t travel much it is just like the airport to hotel, hotel to meeting point etc, that’s it.

But if you are on an expedition to hike, tour, activities etc. then a backpack is the only option. A backpack gives freedom of mobility weather its tuff-terrain or stairs you can easily move as per your requirements but on another hand suitcase requires a flat surface.

The very best option with the backpack is you can compress it at any point, so you can fill essentials stuff remove extra luggage and convert your backpack shape which suits you best and sometimes use it like a bag but suitcase you cannot change the shape.

What are the amazing advantages of backpacks in Travelling?

Here are the most authentic reasons why backpacks are good for travel.

  1. Mobility Master: Imagine breezing through crowded streets or hopping onto a train with that sleek backpack. You’re like a ninja, swift and ready for any adventure.
  2. Pack It All In: Seriously, Mary Poppins would be envious of the stuff you can fit in there. From extra socks to that camera tripod, backpacks have your back!
  3. Back Comfort: These modern backpacks are designed to treat your back like royalty. Padded straps, and ergonomic designs – they’re all about keeping you comfy on the go.
  4. Versatile Ventures: Whether you’re hiking the Rockies or exploring Tokyo’s alleys, backpacks are game. They’re like that versatile friend who’s up for anything.
  5. Stress-free Security: Zippers and compartments, my friend! Your stuff stays put, organized, and safe. No more frantic patting yourself down, wondering if you lost your shades.
  6. Airport Acrobatics: Ever seen folks juggling suitcases at the airport? Not you! A backpack glides along effortlessly, leaving you free to scout out that pre-flight snack.

So there you have it, Backpacks are the travel sidekicks that keep you mobile, stylish, and sorted throughout your journey. Having backpacks during your travel destination will always keep you in your comfort zone, this is the main reason why backpacks are good for travel

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What are the disadvantages of backpacks?

If you don’t use your backpack properly it will cause you back pain. It is very important to well organize your essentials if you are carrying a heavy-weight backpack because the wrong weight will pull you backwards which is an unnatural position and cause you back, shoulder, and neck pain and sometimes injury.

During travel backpack is my favourite but yes it too has some drawbacks if you don’t use it properly.

  1. Hard-to-Reach Stuff: Imagine trying to find your tiny sock in a messy backpack. It’s like looking for a hidden treasure – not so fun!
  2. Bumping into Things: In crowded places, your backpack might accidentally bump into people. It’s like having a big bubble around you that gets in the way.
  3. Keeping Things Safe: Sometimes, sneaky hands might try to take things from your backpack without you noticing. You’ve gotta be careful to stop them.
  4. Weird Tan Lines: If you wear a backpack a lot, you might end up with funny tan lines on your back. It’s like having a different color where the backpack was.
  5. Trouble in Tight Spots: Imagine fitting a big box through a small door – that’s how it feels when your backpack is too big for tight places.
  6. Protecting Your Laptop: If you carry a laptop, regular backpacks might not keep it safe from bumps. A little accident could break your laptop.

Use a padded straps backpack otherwise the tight straps that are dug into your shoulder will cause tingling, and numbness, and make your hands and arms weak.

What’s special about travel backpacks?

Travel backpacks are designed smartly. It has lots of compartments to stuff, and they fit in overhead bins. They’re like mini-suitcases you can wear.

Can I use a regular backpack for travel?

While a regular backpack might suffice, travel backpacks are purpose-built for travel and hiking. They offer superior weight distribution, increased durability, and greater capacity for your belongings. It’s akin to choosing a mountain bike over a standard bike.

Are there backpacks for different types of travel?

Backpacks are good for travel because it serve different purposes for short trips, big adventures, and laptops. They provide support for your back while you’re on the move, like a mobile home.

How do I clean my travel backpack?

To clean your backpack, wipe away dirt with a damp cloth. For tough stains, use mild soap. Remember, your backpack holds memories, so handle it with care.

Can I find eco-friendly travel backpacks?

absolutely! There are backpacks crafted from recycled substances, reducing your footprint. It’s like deciding on a course that truly is kinder to the planet while you travel it

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How do you prepare a backpack for travel?

You have to play smartly while preparing your backpack. Avoid heavy-weight clothes and try to carry lighter clothes, it is easy to wash and dry faster and takes up less space in your backpack. Always prefer dark colour cloth because the stain is less visible on dark colour.

Stick to the (formula of three) Instead of over-stuffing with clothes just carry three clothes one wear, spare one and one for wash and repeat the cycle, believe me, it saves lots of space.

Always insert your essentials first in your backpack, because random stuffing may leave no space at last for your important ones and you are forced to organize your backpack again and again.

Why are backpacks better than other bags?

The main advantage of the backpack is its mobility you can easily walk anywhere while carrying the backpack without disturbing your hand and on the other side a handbag or rolling suitcase will create hindrance and you have to lift your bag all the time.

While travelling you will have your backpack all the time with you instead of storing it at a place you are not confident, this sense of security allows you to protect your belongings from getting stolen.

What size bag is best for travel?

Now this is a very favourite question for every beginner traveller when it comes to a selection of travel backpacks you have to just focus on size and capacity and the days, that how many days you are going to travel 2 days 2 weeks etc.

When it comes to backpacks 30 litres to 45- litres backpack is the most common under most of the airline company
guidelines. Once again every company has its own guidelines so do check which is yours. Let me explore more about which size of travel backpack is most suitable for you.

Listen when you are planning for a weekend break of 30-
litre backpack is enough, and if you are planning for a whole week then 35 litres would be more sufficient, but if you are planning for 2 or 3 weeks then you will require a 45 to 50-litre backpack.

The standard size restriction for most
airline companies lie under 55-litre so don’t go for a bigger one. Comfort also plays a prominent role so be sure how much you are comfortable to carry a travel backpack and be selective while choosing your clothes.

Are bigger backpacks better?

It depends upon your style of travel expedition, If you plan to travel for months then obviously you will require a bigger backpack but every aeroplane company has its guidelines in the context of size and weight.

But if you ask me I avoid bigger backpacks. I would like to suggest that don’t bother for a bigger backpack just try to learn how you can well organize your backpack with your essentials and belongings.

Is it better to have a backpack higher or lower?

It depends on your body structure because every human body has different shapes and sizes and bag manufacturer companies cater to all shapes and sizes. It is up to you which backpack fits you well higher or lower.

Instead of dying into higher or lower backpacks, there are good quality backpacks that are adjustable you can
adjust them as per your convenience higher or lower.

A good quality backpack should have these features ?

There are many things you have to consider while purchasing a good quality backpack, these are some tips for you to follow when you make up your mind about a backpack.

  • The standard width of the backpack

The pack should be not so broad or narrow, it should sit well on the shoulder because too-broad straps will slip off from
your shoulder which will create inconvenience, on the other side too narrow straps will put the wrong pressure on your shoulder.

  • Length of pack

The length of the pack should be equal to the length of a person’s back and should be reached just above the tailbone, too long will result in the pack sitting too low, and too short the pack will sit too high on the back.

No matter how well the straps are adjusted they will put the wrong pressure on the backpack, spine, and shoulder.

  • Size of straps

The very first thing about the straps is they should be wide adjustable and well-padded.

  • Padding of backpack

Padding is also a vital part of your backpack, it protects you from sharp-edge items which you carry as essentials like pens, pencils, scales, etc in your backpack, it also protects your back and spinal muscle.

  • Straps adjacent

Your backpack must have good-quality straps adjacent so the weight of your bag should be equally distributed through your shoulder and your back.

  • Size of backpacks

The standard size for a backpack starts from 35 litres to 50 litres, which commonly falls under all airline company’s guidelines, so don’t go for higher capacity.

How do you secure a backpack when traveling?

When you are at a travel destination your main concern is the security of your backpack, for which you have to waste lots of your sleep at terminals or crowded areas. But don’t worry I have some practical tips to secure your backpack.

When you are on a plane there is less chance of theft, but when you are waiting in an airport lounge, bus stop, railway station or travelling in it, you have to be more vigilant and if you are alone then you are the sole protector of your backpack. Carry your backpack everywhere you go e.g. toilet, etc.

Don’t blindly trust any newly travelled friendship. Keep a backpack in such a place where you can always have an eye on it. While during sleep use your backpack as a pillow, so you don’t have to spoil your sleep, checking all the time.

Don’t advertise or show off your expensive backpack, an expensive backpack means expensive stuff inside, Try to hide the logo of your backpack, camera bag, laptop bag etc.

Otherwise, it will grab the thief’s attention, and they know what’s inside. Always check in that hotel, hostel, or waiting room that provides locker facilities in locker your backpack is safe.

Most of the places’ lockers are not enough big for your backpack so in that case remove valuables stuffs and insert your backpack. Especially when you are in the hotel and the room belongs only to you always lock your backpack and valuables items.

And whenever you are going out stick the “do not disturb” sticker it will protect you from hotel staff entering the room in your absences. Most of the time hotel staff are the culprit. You must have a backpack that has a zipper lockable facility, and also with that, a combination lock is extremely important. (Combination lock is better than ordinary lock you don’t need to carry a key for it).

You can lock the zipper with a combination lock and it will protect you wherever you travel or stay. Also, carry a steel cable on traveling it will protect your backpack in a very efficient manner especially when you are at the lounge, terminal, waiting room, or on bus, train etc.

Attach the steel cable with your backpack and fix it to an immovable object like a seat, rod, etc. which you find suitable.

Are backpacks better than suitcases?

Yes! But it depends on the style of destination you choose because both (backpack and suitcase) have different
uses. If you are on a business trip then a suitcase is a good option you can organise your suits or dresses in a suitcase without losing the iron of your clothes because on a business trip, a person doesn’t travel much it is just like an airport to the hotel, hotel to meeting point etc, that’s it.

But if you are on an expedition to hike, or tour, activities etc., then backpacks are good for travel. A backpack gives freedom of mobility whether it’s a tuff-terrain or stairs you can easily move as per your requirements but on the other hand, suitcase requires a flat surface.

A very best option with the backpack is you can compress it at any point, so you can fill essential stuff and remove extra luggage and convert your backpack shape which suits you best and sometimes use it like a bag but with the suitcase, you cannot change the shape.


Backpacks play an important role in your travel destination, it has features like straps and pads that ease your travelling by distributing the weight and helping you to explore your tour, It is like your partner who helps you with your every movement that is why backpacks are good for travel.

By keeping your essentials within reach and your hands-free, backpacks offer a sense of security and familiarity akin to embarking on a new adventure with a trusted companion.

Thus, backpacks are not merely bags, but rather the custodians of your travel experiences, making them an indispensable asset for any traveler.

In the realm of travel, backpacks are often overlooked yet serve as invaluable assets. They function as enchanted containers that one wears, containing all of their worldly possessions.

It is akin to having a comfortable turtle shell, a personal sanctuary during the voyage. These companions make every step feel effortless, whether navigating bustling airports or remote trails. Furthermore, when one is fatigued, backpacks serve as a reliable friend to lean on.

Therefore, if one is contemplating the utility of backpacks for travel, it is important to recognize that they are not merely useful but rather indispensable partners in creating unforgettable memories. So, pack up and let the adventures commence.

A great appreciation for giving your precious time to read this post Thank You.

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